Brazil Golden Dorado Fishing by Rod and Gun Resources

Golden Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis), native to South America, are perhaps the continent's most sought after quarry for fly-fishermen. Their legendary reputation is well deserved--they punish lures and flies, instantly make multiple acrobatic leaps like a tarpon and make finger-burning runs.

Habitat for Golden Dorado ranges from large sub-tropical rivers to gin-clear, scenic, wadeable mountain streams. Fly-fishing for Golden Dorado can be accurately likened to fishing for giant rainbow trout on steroids.

Golden Dorado are stunningly beautiful fish with a brilliant golden hue interrupted by lines of black lateral dots and dashes like Morse code punctuated by bright golden-orange tails and fins.

Effective flies imitate the Golden Dorado's preferred diet of sabalo and other baitfish. In most instances, large streamers fished with sink-tip lines are preferred for fly-fishing, but a floating fly line and surface mice or poppers can be great fun. Fly rods will range from 6- to 10-weights depending on the fishery.

Rod & Gun offers two uniquely different fly-fishing destinations.

La Zona Golden Dorado fishing, at the tailwaters of the Salto Grande Dam on the Uruguay/Argentina border, produces giant Dorado up to 60 pounds with most fish ranging from to 10 pounds to 30 pounds. Many, many world records have been set at La Zona. This fishery is offered by renowned outfitters and friends, Luis and Patrick Brown of River Plate Anglers, and is definitely the place to set a new record in any line/tippet class.

In Salta Province, Argentina, fly-fishermen stalk Golden Dorado in breathtakingly beautiful mountain streams where the fish range from 3 to 30-pounds plus. Longtime outfitter and friend, Floro Lavalle of Sierra Outfitters, meticulously oversees every aspect of this Golden Dorado fly-fishing program with superb, English-speaking fly-fishing guides.

Please take time to visit these two Golden Dorado fly-fishing destinations by clicking on the side icons for each program. Please note that both of these destinations offer high-volume dove hunting as an option, so you will see much about shooting along with the excellent Golden Dorado fly-fishing. Be, be sure to click on the Lodging, Fishing, Slide Show, PDF Downloadable brochure and Details/Gear tabs for more information.

As with all of Rod & Gun's operations, the lodging, staff, food, and attention to detail at both locations are first rate.

Rod & Gun Resources is proud to offer this great Salta Golden Dorado fly-fishing trip. Our outfitter and experienced fly-fishing guides know all the nuances of Golden Dorado fly-fishing.


Sierra Outfitters/Salta – Golden Dorado Fly Fishing

  • 6 nights/five days $4195

Either of these fly-fishing trips may be combined with a bird hunting trip.


Both destinations may be reached via American, United, Delta or Aerolineas Argentinas to Buenos Aires, Argentina with connecting flights to Concordia, Argentina for River Plate Anglers/La Zona or Salta, Argentina for Sierra Outfitters/Salta.


Click the links below to view Pre-Trip Planning and Packing Information (PDF's) for each trip. Additionally, video and references are available for each trip upon request.


Salta Golden Dorado fly-fishing Pre-Trip Planning and Packing Information (PDF)